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Items of Interest

It is here you can find a potpourri of items I think may be of interest to you. For one reason or another they interest me.

Contact me with something of iinterest to you, maybe I'll link to it.

  • Inbound Marketing
    Cock-full of info about inbound marketing
  • Houston Jones
    A band with a great sound
  • Jewel Theatre
    Worth it if you're in the Bay Area
  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)
    District 6 (Great Lakes Region)
  • AAF
    West Michigan
  • Julie Quinn
    Abstract, inspirational artist
  • Spyridon Technologies web hosting
    The top CMS and SEO service out there
  • New York Mets
    Meet the Mets. Greet the Mets.
  • Freelance Photographers
    A nice source if you need a photographer
  • 30 God
    Short 30 sec video blogs
  • Why this Image?
    Ray Bauer Blog