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Think of all the tried-and-true marketing techniques such as trade, newspaper, radio and TV ads, direct mail, email blasts and trade show participation as Outbound Marketing. This is marketing that is paid for up front –usually with diminishing returns calling for further investing to sustain brand recognition. This type of marketing shouldn't be eliminated, but it should be used in conjunction with an Inbound Marketing strategy to maintain and increase sales.

INBOUND MARKETING tactics use the power of the internet to pull-in the thousands of prospects utilizing the Web. Some of these new marketing channels include blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and YouTube to name a few.

From a business perspective, don't think of these as "social media sites" but rather "NEW MEDIA CHANNELS". These sites are no longer just a way to communicate to friends, but a means of YOUR CUSTOMERS finding relevant purchasing information that is important to them. As more and more businesses utilize this type of marketing the list of New Media Channels continues to grow. If you're not moving ahead with technology, you're falling behind your competitors.

Once an Inbound Marketing strategy is in place, the costs are minimal and the value is longer lasting than most outbound marketing strategies. The goal should be to constantly keep interesting content in front of potential customers. The more your brand and changing content is in cyberspace, the better your chances are of being found –and the better your chances that a sale can be realized.

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