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rBAUERdesign adheres to one major principle: Communicate directly, simply, and effectively through a blend of strategy, design and creativity to help increase sales.

In addition to its guiding principle, rBAUERdesign applies a vertical marketing approach to its communications work. This requires the identification of the core group of decision-makers or purchasers relevant to your business –then concentrating and focusing the marketing effort on that group.

Vertical marketers look at how a customer defines value to themselves –not necessarily how a company defines its own value.

By setting boundaries, and defining markets and goals, vertical marketing is a trackable and accountable marketing approach.

After defining the goals, establishing strategies, and developing a plan, everyone involved in the communication process is armed with the same knowledge and understanding to best battle the competition. A fractured message is a weak marketing approach.

It is through this concentrated, narrowly channeled focus, that vertical marketing allows individual market segments –those in which your company is strongest and offers the greatest chance of success– to be attacked and help your profit margin. As a result of this discipline, greater fiscal control and lower expenditures are realized during the course of the marketing program.

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